What Women Need From Men Today

In the new age we’re living in, getting along is no less confusing.

With the pandemic in mind, more than ever before, we are an Online generation. We’re more connected than ever, but at the same time, we are more physically distant.

Dating, and connecting as lovers, has become even more confusing with the various styles of personality and new trends daily, flashing across our screens. We might not know what we want, with so many choices. What we don’t want can really stick out.

Women need something new in these new times – and i don’t mean a new purse. Gifts can go a long way but when times change, we want our men to be on top of all that is new and fresh within his own person.

What women need from men today – is nurturing, empowerment, and cooperation.

Statistically speaking, men are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. Men go to war. Men lock up other men. This might not seem like it has anything to do with women. Although, rumors suggest wars have been started over women.

The culture we have been living in, worldwide, is patriarchal. That is one thing that has held steady throughout the known history of mankind. Men have been leading societies since ancient times, and wars have never stopped happening ever since.

It would seem that men and women need one another to survive and to procreate. Our balance as a species is divine and it’s sexy, to say the least. Yet, we are more evolved now, and should seek to grow together to cocreate a more loving reality.

Somewhere along the line, we Americans, decided to sway from the nuclear family, and we’re swaying away from gender roles and strict adherence to gender identities that have been in place since the evolution of societies. Whether we know it or not, things have now changed in paramount ways.

Women want our men to be on top of it. We want our leaders to be leading into the new age in a way that is empowered, and speaks to the massive transformation of the times and types of ideology emerging. We won’t stop evolution, and we shouldn’t.

Women need men to get in the game and lead in a way that is strong and careful. We want security and support along with cooperation, healing, and empowerment. We want our men to be empowered, nurturing patriarchs who won’t bow down to the basic Neanderthal primal drive to clobber someone over the head in order to communicate and dominate.

We need men to know that they can use their strength to build us beautiful societies, and to adorn us with beautiful male energy that washes over us like pure light. We don’t want to feel afraid of men anymore. We want to be able to feel beautiful without fear of harm and hurt for it.

In the new age, we will all need to be flexible and willing to change into a more cooperative, united society. We will survive and thrive through love, by coming together. With the right balance we can grow into a culture that can have healthy relationships, free of violence and abuse.

If you want to win her over, always ask yourself, “How can I support this woman’s healing and empowerment? How can I nurture her?”

Remember, she doesn’t want SuperMan. Even if that’s who you want to be for her. Sometimes she wants soft Teddy Bear Man, or Medicine man, or sometimes she may need Romantic Storyteller to show up. Be willing to try different, carefully caring roles.

Most of all, be willing to listen. She will give you proper instructions. Just trust in the process, and when anger starts to intrude, remind yourself – no aggression, no harm, no violence in thought, word or deed should come from your mind, body or spirit. If you truly want her to feel good, you’ll end up feeling great.


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