Timeless Wisdom For Dating In The New Now

The Love Specialists who author this website
are Cristina Manos and Patricia McCandless.
One is a Gen-Xer and the other a young Baby Boomer,
together, they come to the Metaverse armed with
love knowledge and wisdom that spans the ages.
Love is a timeless experience. Times have changed.
The essence of love is infinite. Everyone craves love.
We all have love to give, and we’re all worthy of receiving
the real deal. The authors are here to help you navigate
the new world, and through the new realms of dating
and communicating. Our technology can help us if used
wisely, and our ancient love skills can be applied in today’s
world of love diversity, fluidity and open-mindedness.
Even if you’re just looking for fun for right now, the
love specialists here at Dating Jane can give you a little
advice on how to keep it fun. This website is for ages 18 and
up. Although, love spans all preferences, the angles here
are set up for heterosexual dating and relationships. We hope
that all who come here benefit from the wisdom given, and
ask that readers and clients be open minded to replacing
pronouns in interpretation as needed.
Advice is just that. Dating Jane may not solve all of your
dating or relationship issues and confusion, but there is
something here to be offered for just about everyone.
Common sense, open mindedness and and open heart is
all that is needed to step into the wisdom of intimacy, love
and companionship. Good luck.

This site was developed for the sole purpose of helping people navigate their way through the confusion of dating and relationships. In a world that seems to be changing by the minute, adults all over are struggling to find balance in all parts of our lives. Dating should be fun. Relationships should add to the balance in our lives. With so many of us seeking to find sanity in a world of confusion, having a resource for solid dating & relationship advice makes it easier.

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