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Avoid Fishing – In All Forms

We know that “Cat Fishing” is just plain WRONG in so many ways, yet we need be very self-aware about tendencies to fish for compliments, affirmations, validation, or information. When we start trying to date a new interest, we are usually looking for positive signals that the person we are crushing on likes us. We…

How to Handle New Sex

Wow! What a loaded topic! This is a custom made deal, meaning what works for one person may be repulsive to another. So starting the intimate part of a dating experience can be tricky. Even if you’re just looking for a friend with benefits situation, if you want it to be a lasting friendship, you…

What Men Need From Women Now

It’s no easier for a man to understand a woman than it is for a woman to understand a man. And men need understanding now more than ever. We live in a man’s world, and because of that and the fact that women carry babies during the pregnancy, many women think men have it easier.…


What Women Need From Men Today

We need men to know that they can use their strength to build us beautiful societies, and to adorn us with beautiful male energy that washes over us like pure light.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dating Apps

Dating apps are more popular than ever during the days of the COVID pandemic. Yet, they are just as confusing as they have always been. It’s not the app itself that causes the confusion, it’s the behaviors of people using them. Just like dating in person, there are all types and styles of singles. But…

How to Know if You’re Dating a Quality Person.

It’s very difficult to know if the person you’re talking to is an honest, decent person. Even if you met them through someone you know, it’s still impossible to know how someone is in an intimate relationship unless you go there. One of the tough parts of being single, is that most potential relationships fail…

Dating Advice for Men Who Seek a Woman of Substance.

One of the most common complaints of men in the dating scene is that they can’t find a “woman of substance” or one who is “relationship material.” Dating is easier when your standards are low and you’re wanting something casual to fill the void. If you want a woman of substance you have to be a…

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